When you’re unconcerned with the constraints of “correctness”, you become visible.

Imagine a place you can go to where you can be seen for who you are, where you can invest time in yourself, where the rules of the world are left behind. A place where you don’t bathe in light and sound, you power wash in it. The positive feminine energy overflows like glass of champagne. Imagine a space where you can be an artist, an athlete, silly, serious, grown, video vixen, selfie queen, a friend. Imagine a place where love and motivation come together, where difference is celebrated, where brave is more important than perfect.

…You walk in the door, and leave everything behind but yourself.

Envision a place where you can fall in love with yourself. This place exists. Its called Butter & Filth.

But Butter & Filth isn’t just a pole and aerial studio. Its a concept. An idea. A lifestyle. We can’t wait to meet you.