Class Descriptions

We want you to get the most out of your training. We’ve got our offerings detailed below, and there’s also a quick guide you can hover over (its the triangle you see). All classes are taught true to level. If you're nervous, scared, or don’t think you have the strength to show up, come anyway. We're here for you, babe. We can meet you where you're at. This is what were about.



Butter & Filth

Butter & Filth is our signature, world famous method that launched our artistry into high demand. Each of these classes are pole dance based, so they are perfect for all levels, beginner through pro. Prepare to hip roll, slank, grind, float, twerk, turn, body skim and spin your way into goddess status. Sexy, captivating, and sensual, these classes are about finding yourself though exotic dance. We leave the tricks behind to focus pole dance prowess, sexy performance, and engagement.

Pole Level 0

Terrified? New to pole? Not feeling super sexy or in shape? Kinda shy about diving right in? Upper body strength got you down? This is where you start. We move slow, focusing on the basics: hand placement, walking, climbs, sits, and spins. This class is for you. We constructed this for first timers. Come as you are.



Pole Level 1

Addicted? Ready for shorter britches? Perfect! This class polishes all of the Pole Level 0 movements and then introduces momentum, inversion preps, spin pole, and stringing together multiple movements to create upright combos. Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies.  

Pole Level 2

Ready to go upside down? We do this in every level 2 class, girl! You’ll learn Inversions from the floor (ascending/descending), inside/outside leg hooks, hip holds, shoulder mounts, momentum control, and spin pole. Lets get physical.



Pole Level 3

Oh, you fancy, huh? Level 3 is all about aerial inversions, dynamic combos, and death defying feats. Most of our best girls who are in this level have zero dance or athletic experience before pole, so this is definitely achievable if you stay committed.

Open Level 

Our Thursday/Friday mornings are open level. We teach to the level that walks in the door. If we have a mixed bag, we teach progressive combo that includes everyone! If you’re into morning training, or just love to challenge yourself, we’d love to have you for this class. This class is for babes who have poled for a little while and have a solid base foundation. So if you’re a brand newbie, maybe check out Level 0 or 1 for an experience that is tailored to you




This is an intermediate to advanced class focused on transitions, incorporating creative dance movement into our tricks and advancing basic skills.  This class is open to all levels.

Hoop Tricks 

Learn a new hoop combo each week! Focus is on transitioning in and out new skill combinations to better improve your personal flow. This class is appropriate for any skill level!  




A session is a 4 or 8 week long class that focuses on one specific skill or idea. Sessions are non-linear, so you can dip in and out as you please. Specific session descriptions can be found on our schedule. Hover over the title for a description.


Workshops are 4-8 week linear special topic classes that are meant to give an in depth investigation into a specific skill or idea. Workshops are not included in any of our packages and must be purchased separately.



What should I wear? 

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. We suggest anything from short shorts and a sports bra to your favorite bra and panties. Were body friendly here, so anything goes. Remember! Never wear lotion to a pole class. 

What if I am not strong enough?

We meet you where you're at, babe! Butter & Filth emphasizes a mind/body/spiritual strength in our practice that makes you strong in every aspect of your life (though you will work and see drastic changes in your body if you put the work in). The hardest part is walking through the door. Were here for you. 

Whats the difference between a dance class and a tricks class?

Dance classes are based in music, time, pole dance and performance; there are little to no tricks involved, lights are turned low, and your the star of your own show.  The signature Butter & Filth dance classes are perfect for beginners, pro’s who want to amp up their sexy, and anyone who wants to slank and booty pop their way to way to goddess status. Tricks classes take learning into the air and give you all of the impressive show stopping moves.

What should I bring to class? 

All you need is pole attire, grip (if you use it), stripper shoes (if you’d like). We have a very strict no street shoe/bags policy in our dance studio.  

I can't find the studio building. Where is it? 

Enter the Outta Space Place parking lot. Bear right, then follow the lot to the row of parking you’ll see to your right. Were the first set of glass doors you see on the side of the building. Come in, and go right down the hall. Cant miss us.